Selection for WBB is competitive. The program aims to provide a small cohort of 45 truly international students with a solid preparation in the field of business management. The strongest candidates will have an outstanding academic record and an ability to adapt and thrive in different environments. Students’ academic history and writing prompts help us determine preparedness for this rigorous and rewarding program. Click here to read the profiles of some WBB students of the first cohort.

Admission Standards

Applicants are evaluated on the content and rigor of their high school course work, their grades, standardized test scores, activities summary, essay, and counselor/teacher recommendations.

  • High school transcripts from grades 9-11
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • TOEFL or other English language certificates
  • Activities summary
  • Personal statement
  • Counselor or teacher recommendations

At the discretion of the admission committee, personal interviews may be required for admission consideration. Other supplementary materials and information may also be required. It is incumbent upon each applicant to visit the appropriate school’s website to understand the filing deadline and materials required.

Application Channels

Application is now open! In an effort to accommodate different admission schemes and schedules of various regions across the globe, WBB allows applicants to choose among the three universities where they may submit an online application. Applicants may submit an online application to any one of the three schools, but no more than one. All applications will be pooled for evaluation by a committee representing the three universities, so multiple applications will be voided. Applying via a particular university has no impact on chances for admission to the WBB program. Applicants are however advised to submit to the university where they want to be considered for admission to its other programs. Similarly, applying to WBB will not influence chances for admission to any of the three universities or other programs of interest.

HKUST online application is available at

Application Deadlines

Careful adherence to application filing instructions and dates will insure eligibility for admission consideration. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

1. The HKUST Business School, Undergraduate Programs Office is the contact for additional program and application information.
2. The application is available through the online application system.
3. Interested prospective freshmen students must complete all application components by January 10, 2014 for admission consideration if applying via HKUST.


  USC & HKUST Bocconi
Application deadline for scholarship consideration December 1, 2013 February 18, 2014
Application deadline January 10, 2014 February 18, 2014
Admission decision   April 1, 2014
Offer acceptance deadline   May 1, 2014
Admission decision for waitlisted students   mid-May 2014


Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition and Fees

During the first three years, students will pay the tuition and fees of the university where they are in residence. The following are the estimated costs for a student entering the WBB program in Fall 2014. Keep in mind that the actual costs are subject to change.


Year 1 @ USC Year 2 @ HKUST Year 3 @ Bocconi


USD 45,602 HKD 200,000 Euro 18,000


USD 12,902 HKD 18,000 Euro 7,000

The fourth-year tuition fee will be charged at the average tuition fee across the three universities and paid to USC in U.S. dollars.

Please also take into consideration that other costs will occur each year, such as travel expenses (related to moving from one country to another), books, supplies, medical insurance, and personal expenses. WBB advisors will work with families and students to help them define these costs.


WBB is targeted for students with an outstanding academic record. A number of scholarships have thus been established to acknowledge students’ achievements. All applicants will be automatically considered for scholarships based on their academic merit and other accomplishments. There is no need to file a separate scholarship application. The application deadlines to be considered for a scholarship are December 1, 2013 if applying via USC or HKUST and February 18, 2014 if applying via Bocconi University.