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Current WBB students are the greatest resources if you want to get an insider's view. From the reason for studying WBB to the formation of the WBB Intramural Soccer Team, from moving into the residence hall to joining their first case competittion, they can give you a first-hand account of the life as a WBB student. Click here to read their blogs and know more about their exciting student experience at USC, HKUST and Bocconi U!


Residential life is an important component of a university education. This is particularly crucial for WBB students. All students will be provided with accommodation in university housing at each location, offering them the opportunity to meet friends from all over the world, understand different cultures, and adjust to the local community. All three universities provide various residential halls both on campus.


Since WBB students may face challenges due to the complexity of working with three different universities and the uniqueness of the academic structure, each school will provide specific support to assist WBB students make the transition from one campus to another, both from an academic and administrative point of view. WBB faculty advisors will also be available at all schools to help students choose courses and make plans that best fit their career aspirations.

Social Activities

Extracurricular opportunities and on-campus activities designed specifically for the program will be available at each school. The unusual composition of a WBB class and the program’s structure mean the group will spend a lot of time together, in and out of the classroom.

Career Service and Placement

WBB graduates will be well positioned for careers in a broad range of areas in the private and public sectors, in addition to their own entrepreneurial initiatives. In order to help students successfully launch their careers, each school will endeavor to identify specific internship opportunities for WBB students. WBB students will have access to career development activities as for other students enrolled in the school.