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Pursue a global itinerary. Multiply your assets.

WBB is the only undergraduate program of its kind that allows you to:

A Truly Global Program

ABOUT WBB | Three World-class Universities

Los Angeles is a global force in industries ranging from healthcare to entertainment, from real estate to communications, from biotechnology to green design. Los Angeles is home to the headquarters of 15 Fortune 500 companies and a thriving multicultural environment where more than 200 languages are spoken. USC Marshall puts students at the heart of Los Angeles and Southern California, providing connections to the people and places that make L.A. one of the nation's gateways to the global economy.
University of Southern California
  • Founded in 1880 and the oldest private research university in the West
  • Consistently ranked among the nation's top tier of national research institutions
  • University Park campus attracts nearly 35,000 students throughout the United States and 100 countries around the globe
  • Includes the largest number of international students of any U.S. university
  • With more than 400 internationally regarded graduate and professional programs, USC draws students with diverse interests and backgrounds

Hong Kong, a major global financial and business center, is a commercially vibrant metropolis where Chinese and Western influences fuse. Situated at the heart of Asia, Hong Kong has one of the largest foreign exchange markets in the world. It is also rated as the world's most competitive economy. In addition to a strategic gateway to Mainland China, which is a major engine of world growth, Hong Kong also serves as a convenient entry point to the rest of Asia, providing students with easy access to countries ranging from Singapore to Korea to Japan.
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Named the top university in Asia by QS Asian University Rankings 2011-2013
  • Global reputation for its world class EMBA and MBA programs, as well as high quality research
  • 30-plus different nationalities representing a diverse undergraduate student mix
  • Dynamic learning environment designed to nurture well-rounded graduates with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking
  • Strong ties with global thought leaders whilst having wide-ranging connections with the Mainland China

Milan is Italy's international economic and financial hub, as well as a capital for fashion and industrial design. Living here, you will soon understand why Milan is famous among Italian cities for its fast pace and hardworking can-do attitude. You can find plenty to do in terms of culture, cuisine and nightlife within walking distance of the Bocconi campus, and the town center is a showcase for Milan's history as a regional capital of the Roman Empire, a powerful medieval Duchy and Leonardo da Vinci's Renaissance home.
Bocconi University
  • Highly ranked MBA and Master of Science programs
  • A dynamic and international study environment, with students and professors coming from 80 countries worldwide, mainly from Europe, Asia and North America
  • A wide range of international study programs entirely taught in English by a distinguished Faculty, constantly committed in research projects and activities (ranging from undergraduate to post-graduate levels)
  • A network of relations with 200 leading universities in 50 countries around the world, enabling over 3000 study abroad opportunities each year
  • Strong connections with the global business community and the international job market, also through a solid network of alumni spread worldwide
  • A modern urban campus, fully equipped with up-to-date resources and facilities, providing a variety of cultural, social and sporting activities

ABOUT WBB | Student Profiles

Place of Origin of WBB Students (Class of 2017-2023)

A Truly Global Program

ABOUT WBB | Graduation

Degree and Diploma
Upon successful completion of studies, WBB students will be awarded three locally-accredited degrees, one from each university. A common certificate will also be issued, with the logos of the three partner universities and signed by the three program directors. The local degree name printed on each graduation diploma is listed below:
University of Southern California:
Bachelor of Science Business Administration
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology:
Bachelor of Business Administration in World Business
Bocconi University:
Bachelor of Science in Business (World Bachelor in Business)

Graduation Ceremony
WBB graduates may choose to attend the graduation ceremony at USC, HKUST and/or Bocconi University, or even all three ceremonies!

University of Southern California: May
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: November
Bocconi University: November

Transcript and Proof of Enrolment
WBB graduates may apply for academic transcripts and/or proof of enrolment through the following links:

ABOUT WBB | Alumni Associations

Stay connected with your alma maters! WBB graduates are members of the three institutions’ alumni community worldwide, join the three alumni associations and stay in touch with us through our alumni events all around the world:

  • News and Happenings
  • Homecoming
  • Reunion
  • Volunteering
  • Game Watch Parties
  • Drinks and Networking
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Travels and Outings
  • Donations to Alma Mater
  • Resources and Support
  • Exclusive Benefits

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Also explore the Business School’s alumni networks at USC Marshall School of Business and HKUST Business School: